About - My Portfolio
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About me and my work

Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Tània García and I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Barcelona.

I love to draw digitally, especially with my Ipad. Digital illustration allows me to work with vibrant color palettes and textures that I make myself with indian ink. I get inspiration by trips, movies, nature, friends, fashion, my city, vintage stuff , everyday situations and everything that makes me feel joyful.

My artwork is available for licensing and I welcome commissions or collaborations. If you are interested at working together, please get in touch!

To license my work, please contact my agent at Jewel Branding, Carol White carol@jewelbranding.com

Publishing: represented by the Bright Agency. Please contact my agent at Bright, Robyn Newton robyn@thebrightagency.com


Thanks for visiting! ♡